Authors: G.G. Zhun'

A low efficiency of earlier mass issued various cryocontainers for a long time was understand because of obscurity of complex processes of heat- and mass exchange in their heat-reflecting constructions with packages of screen-vacuum heat-insulation (SVHI).This connected with absence of experimental methodic and plants for carrying out of such researches. There were no approved a theories for their description and analysis and also for optimization of heat-reflecting. It is informed that for improvement of thermal and other characteristics of cryocontainers a number of scientific tasks on revealing the basic laws of processes of heat- and mass-insulation in their heat-reflecting constructions now is solved; to an establishment of parameters influencing their characteristics which provide long-term high thermal efficiency of cryocontainers; to definition and prevention of the factors worsening their thermal parameters; to development of original calculation-experimental methodic and manufacturing of plants for carrying out of numerous experiments. The received results have allowed to reveal for the first time a complex of the scientifically-grounded parameters, to create designs and technologies for maintenance of the maximal values of resources of cryocontainer’ work with heat-reflecting from SVHI for an interval of temperatures 4-120 K. Results of works are introduced into manufacture of effective cryo-containers with capacity from 5 up to 35 liters which is already released more than 160 thousand.