The 8th international seminar on problem of increase of efficiency and safety of manufactures of air separation products (Odessa, on October, 1-5, 2007) has collected 130 experts from more 70 enterprises and companies of the various countries. In work of a seminar have taken part the producers of equipment for manufactures of air separation products and those who uses it for extraction the oxygen, nitrogen and argon from air for maintenance of modern technologies with them. At a seminar also engaged the companies working in gas business. The organizer of seminar is Ukrainian Association of Manufacturers of Industrial Gases «UA-SIGMA». At seminar 30 reports which have characterized a condition and prospects of development of manufactures of air separation products have been listen and discussed. The active and interested perception of information, contacts with experts have allowed to participants of seminar to increase qualification, to receive recommendations for the further perfection of manufactures. The contents of reports is considered. It is judged the exclusive importance of carrying out of such seminars during growth of demand for separation products, siht of higher requirements to provided level of efficiency and safety of air separation plants.