Gas-transport system (GTS) of Ukraine requires a serious modernization. The state power strategy developed till 2030, a stipulates realization till 2010 of some most important prime actions. The serious attention in strategy is given for decrease of expenses of energy and, as consequence the charge of gas, on maintenance of the power-intensive equipment itself GTS. Now up to 7 billion m3/year of natural gas is spent for own industrial – technological needs or 3,25 % from volume of its receipt in GTS. Results of the comparative analysis of various plants for power supply of compressor stations (CS) are resulted. It is paid attention to expediency of use of waste energy for decrease of gas charge for needs CS. A summary of perspectivity application in structure of CS a highly effective steam-and-gas units is concluded. It is shown that their efficiency can be increased up to 60,1 % due to recycling in them of additional heat, bleeds from gascompressor units. Other reserves of GTS for manufacture of additional energy are also considered: heat-utilization unit with cycle on n-pentan; the plants intended for use in them of pressure differential with the purpose of generating of electric power on gas-distributing stations.