Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is convenient for delivery and storage by cryogenic energy carrier. With its use is possible to create an effectively working LNG-complexes for electro- and heat supplies of independent objects by small capacity. Such complex should include the storehouse of LNG, vehicles of its delivery, the equipment for gasification LNG and its uses. The characteristic of cryogenic complex for storage and gasifications of LNG is resulted with the purpose of supply by gas fuel of cogeneration plants with electric capacity 5,6 МW and thermal more than 6 МW. The complex is created on the basis of cryogenic systems of storage BCSS-63/0,7, tanks RСV-63/0,7, atmospheric evaporators, the complete set of the additional equipment. The constructed LNG-complex has ensured the functioning of the shipment terminal of oil products in port Primorsk (Leningrad region).