Authors: O.Ya. Cheremnykh

The countries of Europe feel the big requirement on liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and natural gas (LNG). Delivery of LPG and LNG to the consumer by gas tankers, rail tank cars and automobile tanks is analyzed. The substantiation of efficiency of multimodal transportations of the liquefied gas in tank containers is resulted. It is informed about results of pilot transportation a party of tank containers of model «TC-25/2,0» with the liquefied carbureted hydrogen gas by rail from the Russian Federation to Republic Poland and transportation of LNG into the tank container of model «TCM-35/0,6» to Sweden on automobile container vehicle. The pour technology of the liquefied natural gas to storehouse of consumer is resulted. This technology excludes losses of natural gas in discharge process and does not break an ecological norms. Results of pilot transportation of LPG and LNG from the Russian Federation to the European countries in tank containers open a wide prospect of their export from gas deposits of Western Siberia, promote to further perfection of transport for multimodal transportations of the liquefied gases.