«Azovstal Iron and Steel Works» (Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine) which is included in the three of leaders in branch rating of the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, conducts the purposeful work on reequipment, reconstruction and modernizations of manufacture. A new tonnage air separation plant (ASP) made by the company «Air Liquide» (France) is constructed and put into operation for maintenance by oxygen, and other gases of created objects at factory. At basic mode ASP-60 develops the gaseous oxygen: 20 thousand m3/h of low pressure and 40 thousand m3/h of high pressure. It makes also gaseous and liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and gas mixtures of pure gases Ne-He and Kr-Xe. The modern circuit and constructive decisions and also a number of the equipment made by the leading foreign companies are used in plant. Putting into operation ASP-60 will solve a problem of reliable maintenance by oxygen of large consumers of domain and converter manufactures of factory.