Oxygen centrifugal compressors are applied to submission of oxygen under necessary pressure in a network of the enterprises. Energy consumption of compressors and also their reliability are essentially influence to general economic parameters of the enterprises realizing oxygen using technologies. It is informed on development of oxygen compressors of new generation on the basis of highly effective license flowing parts of firms «Dresser Clarks» (USA). They possess by a number of advantages in compared of compressors of old releases used now. For example, modern compressors on the IVth and IInd bases have parameters of specific capacity on 12-15 % below, than at compressor «KTK-12,5/35» used now. Compressor installations with compressors of new generation are completed by systems of automatic control and protection on the basis of industrial microprocessor controller LOGIX-5500 of firm «Allen-Bredley» (Rokwell Automation, USA).