JSC «Sumy Frunze NPO» is known developer and manufacturer of various air piston compressors for air separation plants (ASP) by average productivity. The compressors made by the enterprise have well recommended themselves in many manufactures of air separation products. About development of three new compressor unit (CU) is informed. CU «2VM10-18/71» has metabolic construction and does not require the complex base. CU «4VМ10-55/71М1» is created on the basis of existing unit. At its modernization the dimensions are essentially reduced, its designs allowing to deliver the basic part as transport block mounted on frame. CU «4VМ16-75/201» is developed for its use in structure of new cryogenic ASP for manufacture 1 t/h of liquid technical oxygen. All units of opposed type are characterized by high degree of an equilibration of inertia forces. They are completed with effective system of the cylinder greasing allowing to work with its dosed out submission. Compressor unit are made with the automated monitoring system, managements and protection.