Carbon dioxide are widely applied in tonnage chemistry for manufacture of urea. Gaseous CO2 compress in unit with the multistage compressor up to pressure 15 МPa and feed to unit of urea’ synthesis. The specific power consumption of the electric power for compression of carbon dioxide in compressor unit makes 0,13 kW∙h/kg. Application of the created new compressor-pump unit for compression carbon dioxide is more favourable energetically. The circuit of unit for compression of CO2 up to pressure 15 MPа and its feeding for manufacture of urea is resulted. The stream of cold liquid ammonia with initial temperature –30 °C is used as a source of cold in unit. Productivity and power consumption of compressor-pump unit depend on pressure of compression СО2. At compression CO2 up to 1,8 МPа is possible with the help of cold of ammonia to liquefaction the 2,3 t/h of carbon dioxide which then feed on synthesis of urea with the help of the pump with pressure 15 МPа. The specific power consumption in unit is 0,1 kW∙h/kg. The productivity of unit during compression СО2 up to 3 МPа is 8,78 t/h and specific charge by unit is 0,108 1 kW∙h/kg. Manufacture of urea in this case can increase with 1400 up to 1680 t/day.