Tonnage manufactures of liquid hydrogen and also corresponding infrastructure of its use have started to create with the middle of XX century for realization of various programs for an outer space exploration. Now hydrogen is considered as well as ideal pollution‑free fuel for ground and aviation vehicles, etc. objects. For development of hydrogen power is necessary to creation the perfect equipment for all work cycle of hydrogen using: liquefaction‑ storage‑transportation. On the basis of the analysis of experience of JSC «Cryogenmash» and in view of modern trends of cryogenic engineering development, the problems of creation are examined. Pays attention to development of some effective liquefiers for hydrogen with helium cryogenic cycle by productivity 600, 1500, 3000 and 10000 l/h of liquid hydro‑ gen. At use in helium cycle instead the screw compressors of their piston analogues the specific power consumption will make 10‑12 kW∙h/kg of liquid hydrogen. The characteristics of liquefiers, liquid hydrogen storage tanks, road and railway tankers for its delivery to the consumer are given. It is informed on development of new generation of more perfect equipment for use in modern perspective hydrogen technologies.