Carbon dioxide is used for manufacture of urea. It compress in the multistage compressor up to pressure 15 МPа and feed to unit of synthesis of urea. The specific power inputs for compression carbon dioxide by compressor achieves 0,16 kW∙h/kg. Most favourable is application of new compressor-pump units for liquefaction and compression carbon dioxide. Unit with ammoniac refrigerating machine for liquefaction CO2 and its feeding on synthesis of urea are considered at pressure 15 МPа. The specific power inputs at such unit is 0,118 kW∙h/kg. In case of application of absorptive water-ammoniac refrigerating machine for liquefaction CO2 the specific power inputs can be reduced up to 0,09 kW∙h/kg. It is shown that plants can increase capacity of unit with 1400 up to 2000 TPD of urea. The further perfection of plant will allow to completely provide by carbon dioxide the unit for manufacture 2000 TPD of urea.