The creation by JSC «Cryogenmash» the large cryogenic helium systems has caused by practical use of superconductors at creation of unique complexes for carrying out of basic researches in the field of controlled thermonuclear synthesis and high-energy physics. Also various cryogenic systems for perspective objects of electric power industry have been developed and constructed. Theoretical preconditions, logic constructions and historical experience of development and creation of helium systems of cryogenic maintenance of objects with superconducting devices are considered. Approaches and ideas by P.L. Kapitsa which incorporated and realized by him even in 30 years of the last century and has received a convincing theoretical substantiation in his later works have been put in a basis. On the basis of these works under management by V.P. Belyakov in JSC «Cryogenmash» an extensive researches and design development which were come to the end with creation of some unique systems of cryogenic maintenance in leading science institutes of the country have been developed. During these works the concept of systems’ construction of cryogenic maintenance was generated which correctness also proves to be true by experience of last decade.