On 24-28 May, 2010 the III-rd International workshop on the problems of efficiency and safety increase of compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) natural gas production systems was held in Odessa. The workshop on these core issues is caused by the need of interindustry development, creation and use structure of CNG and LNG production systems in information and industrial support. In the workshop took part 60 specialists who were introduced by more than 40 companies, firms and research scientific institutes of different industrial branchies from 7 countries of the world. The workshop participants have heard 25 reports concerned to the specified problems. Report content is given shortly, actual issues are paid special attention to. All workshop participants were given the higher qualification certificates. As a result the resolution was accepted in the end of the workshop. It reflected all conclusions and recommendations on discussed problems of the workshop. The workshop was successfully held with high activity of its participants.