Aggregates of urea synthesis are reconstructed with the purpose decrease in specific expenses and increase their productivity. Supply of additional quantities of carbon dioxide and ammonia is necessary to increase production volumes of urea. In most cases there is a problem with the supply of СО2, as the equipment for its compression is not any necessary reserves. Installation for supply of carbon dioxide using a pump is considered. For liquefaction of CO2 at low pressure the cold of the liquid ammonia acting with pressure of 1,8 MPa from an isothermal storehouse is used. The options over given about the features of the scheme to install and its descriptions are brought. It is shown that in the unit is succeeded to condense and give using pump 10,3 t/h of carbon dioxide with specific power consumption on 30 % lower than at existing compression systems. Application of this method allows improving the productivity of urea synthesis aggregate on 108 thousand tons per a year.