The polygons of solid domestic wastes (SDW), which are biologically renewable raw material, can be regarded as a source of biogas. Just in Ukraine annually produce more than 12 million tons of SDW. As a result of anaerobic fermentation of each tone of domestic wastes can allocate annually biogas of 120…200 m3, and all polygons — methane of 800 thousand tons. Existing polygons SDW deteriorating environmental situation in Ukraine. Methane as main component of biogas has 21 times more greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. The quantity of methane entering annually in the atmosphere from polygons SDW, equivalent to 16 million tons of CO2. The several variants of biogas utilization, which in the 6-16 times will reduce emission CO2 into the environment while producing low-temperature liquid carbon dioxide, CNG, LNG, electricity and heat energy in depending on the complex structure are considered. The consumption of a complex of 4000 nm3/h of biogas containing 56 % methane and 40 % CO2, alone can produce 550 kg/h of LNG and 318 kg/h of CNG. In addition, the emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 88 % or more than 8 times and will be 36,3 thousand tons CO2/year instead of 300,6 thousand tons CO2/year for a single choice polygon.