The unique higher education institute celebrated its 90th anniversary — Odessa state academy of refrigeration. This is unique educational institution in Ukraine if to speak about the past, and in the USSR, which prepares trains specialists for all technical areas of low temperatures. Refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, compressor machines, technical cryophysics, refrigerating and cryogenic machine-building, computer aided design systems equipment low temperature engineering — this is not complete list of present possibilities of the Academy. The article summarizes past and presents this well-known university in the world. There are reported about the reunification of the Academy of Refrigeration with a related institute of high education — Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (ONAFT). As part of ONAFT Academy of refrigeration will function as an Institute of Refrigeration, cryotehnology and ecoenergy named by V.S. Martynovsky. The collectives of the new Institute and ONAFT are addressing the actual problem food safety of Ukraine in the context of sustainable development.