On May 20-24th, 2013 the Ukrainian Association of Technical Gases Manufacturers «UA-SIGMA» held in Odessa (Ukraine) the Fifth International Seminar «СО2-2013». The topics of the seminar presentations were dedicated to the urgent problem of increasing the efficiency and ecological safety of the technology of carbon dioxide production and use. This problem is of great interest to СО2 manufacturers, numerous СО2 consumers and to those who make various carbon dioxide equipment. Topicality of the problem is caused, on the one hand, by the fact that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and, on the other hand, it is a highly marketable product which many industries require. In the presentations the detailed analysis of the specified problem was made. In some presentations it has been reported about new developments of highly effective energotechnological complexes consuming only natural gas for simultaneous manufacturing of liquid carbon dioxide, gaseous nitrogen as well as an electric and thermal energy. The participants of the seminar have taken keen interest in the presentations about the compressor pump installations that use cold of ammonia for manufacturing liquid СО2 and feeding it to the synthesis of carbamide. In a number of presentations the current experience in efficient and safe СО2 manufacturing has been described. The participants of the seminar have adopted the resolution calling the enterprises to raise efficiency of СО2 production and to reduce its emissions in the environment.