Global volumes of helium extraction continue to grow. It causes alarm because in spite of the development of new helium-bearing gas fields helium will suffice only for half a century at current high rates of it consumption. The situation with helium is aggravated because currently growth of its extraction is depended generally on increasing energy carriers mining. The necessity of creation of large underground storehouses of crude helium, which can alleviate inevitability of crisis, is considered. A design of the complex with the storehouse is suggested that will allow to extend the life cycle of helium-bearing gas field. In connection with the future crisis the interest in wider production of helium from atmospheric air should increase. Two extreme variants of helium production are analyzed: from a He-Ne mixture simultaneously with oxygen, nitrogen and argon obtained in cryogenic air separation installations; directly from the air in these installations as a single product. Specific expenses for helium production at realization of these variants will differ by several digits. The attention is paid to the possibility in the long-term future to make energy and obtain helium, though in insignificant quantity, in the processes of thermonuclear synthesis.