For the secondary enrichment of the Kr-Xe mixture, it is necessary to increase its pressure to overcome the hydraulic resistance of the devices. For this purpose, one can use a cryogenic non-mechanical supercharger based on the application of the steam lift effect. An analysis of the existing facilities for the experimental studies of the steam lift has been made. A pilot device has been designed to investigate the performance characteristics of the steam lift at a temperature level of 77,4…80 K. The working fluid of the device is liquid nitrogen. The heat leakage has been identified; its influence on the operation of the non-mechanical supercharger has been studied. The flow characteristics of the steam lift device for the pressure pipes with the inner diameters of 8-16 mm have been obtained from the experimental data; the results of research have been summarised. The established dependences allow estimating the steam lift devices based on the specified incoming data and improving them.