In Ukraine in the period of 2008-2013 there was a steady increase in demand for liquid helium. Its consumption growth was сaused mainly due to the increase in the number of medical magnetic resonance imaging systems in by Ukraine. One of the main manufacturers and suppliers of liquid helium to the Ukrainian market is «Iceblick» company which since 2008 has in its structure the operating complex of helium liquefaction. The insufficient productivity of the complex led to its reconstruction which was completed in 2014. Another prerequisite for the reconstruction was the need to create such a production of liquid helium which could in a short time carry out any orders including urgent. Taking into account the given problems facing the company it was decided to complete the set of the complex, which included already a liquefier M1400, with another more perfect liquefier of the same type of the company Сryogenic Technology, Inc. with the capacity of 20 liters per hour of liquid helium. Operational experience of the reconstructed complex with two liquefier and the extended compressor base confirmed the high efficiency of the implemented solution.