Helium is widely used in high-tech industries. Taking into account limited resources for the helium production in Ukraine there is a reason to extract it from natural gas at the gas-distribution stations of main gas pipelines or gas fields containing it more than 0,05 % vol. The offered cryogenic technology of helium concentrate recovery does not require external cold source, cooling takes place due to a throttling and cold recovery of liquefied natural gas backflow. The obtained raw helium contains 60–70 % He, its losses are 1–3 % because of dissolution in the liquefied natural gas. The optimal pressure range for helium extraction in stripping column is 2–2,4 МPа. Helium concentrate can be transported in cylinders or recipients by special vehicle. The calculations of process flowsheet were carried out using software system «GasCondOil». The reliability of calculations has been confirmed by comparison with experimental data on solubility of helium in methane.