To use efficient technology «Carbon Capture and Storage» the issue of incorporating cryogenic air separation plants that produce oxygen into the large thermal power plants is considered in the paper. New projects provide for the use of «Oxyfuel Combustion Capture» technology to produce clean energy, followed by the preparation of carbon dioxide for deposition or for the manufacture of products based on it. As a result, energy production is always accompanied by the acquisition   and use of air separation products. In the process of implementing «Cryogenic Energy Storage» technology, oxygen is used both to keep up the fuel combustion process and to store energy in the form of a cryogenic fluid.  This makes it possible to solve complex problems related to the provision of peak energy consumption during the day, while reducing the specific energy consumption to produce oxygen and increasing the efficiency of the steam turbine. Cryogenic technologies are also used in plants for the effective CO2 removal from flue gases. The paper examines main circuit and technological solutions used in the development and implementation of such projects.