Industrial gases are widely used in many industries in various modern technologies. The global and Russian technical gas markets are dynamically developing with the exception of the crisis of 2009. The growth of these markets in some years significantly exceeded the growth of GDP (GDP) and IPP (IPI). In 2016, the Russian market of sold technical gases was estimated at $ 640 million. A study of the domestic market shows that Russia remains one of the few countries where multinational companies, the main participants in the global technical gases market, occupy only about 30% of its Russian segment. Since 2006, Cryogenmash, the leader of Russian cryogenic engineering, has positioned itself not only as a manufacturer of efficient equipment, but also as the creator of its own on-site production to ensure that its large customers are provided with gases. In terms of the volume of gases produced under these conditions, the company is in the top four of the Russian market.