The increase in the efficiency and safety of cryogenic equipment, including air separation plants and storage systems for liquid cryogenic products — oxygen, nitrogen, argon, natural gas, carbon dioxide — is ensured by an increase in the quality of thermal insulation. The most common type of thermal insulation is perlite expanded sand. A major manufacturer of it, as well as fixed and mobile equipment for the implementation of isolation and deisolation processes, is the «Bentoprom» Group of Companies». To meet the increased demands of the cryogenic engineering industry, this company uses, instead of the outdated GOST 10832-91, new technical conditions TU 5712-001-05747985-2006, which are practically the same as the requirements for pearlitic insulation of companies such as Linde and AirLiquide. This allows to produce high-quality perlite not only for UIS companies, but also for foreign companies. In recent years, the «Bentoprom» Group of Companies», in addition to stationary equipment, also uses mobile complexes, which can produce perlite expanded sand at sites where large-capacity cryogenic systems are constructed to isolate them. The company has created new, more efficient and high-performance pearlite furnaces (MPP-250…MPP-500), developed technologies based on the use of specialized plants for implementing technologies for pumping and pumping pearlitic insulation.