Authors: A.V. Bаndura

The way to introduce exergy (in addition to money) in economic valuation of labor and capital is proposed. We determine quantitatively main economic categories and the rate of market imperfection, in part. At this base new model of macroeconomic dynamics (economic cycle) — cumulative market imperfection model (CMI-model) — was proposed. It is valid for all market conditions. Within the model we propose the formula that explains the driving force of macroeconomic dynamics and includes three main macroeconomic values: inflation, growth rate and employment. Using CMI-model we can identify turning points of macroeconomic dynamics with the lead period, i.e. 6-18 months before statistics will be able to confirm it that allows us to increase an efficiency of regulation policy. As macroequilibrium in the model is considered as a simple sum of microequilibrium states for all markets, it makes us able to estimate how regulation results of separate market affects the efficiency for the whole economy.  All conclusions were confirmed by CMI-model testing since 1970 to 2018 using the U.S. economy as an example.