The question of increase the power and thermal coefficient of efficiency of ICE by means of cooling the air, which enter in cylinders of engine, is investigated. The air is cooled by means of utilizing refrigerating plant, which use the heat of gases worked in ICE. The joint influence of temperature of cooled air and degree of its compression ε on the work of cycle and thermal coefficient of efficiency is considered. The work of improved cycle with characteristics ε =16, λ =1,4; ρ =1,2 at cooling air from 30°С to minus 30°С increase on 29,6 % but the thermal coefficient of efficiency decrease on 2,8% at comparison with characteristics of initial cycle. Inclusion into power-plant the utilizing gas turbine using energy of gases worked in ICE provides increase both the work and the thermal coefficient of efficiency. In particular, at indicated conditions work of cycle increase on 56,3% and thermal coefficient of efficiency on 17,2%.