Absorption water-ammonia refrigerating machines (AWRM) allow one-stage performance, in contrast to the absorption lithium-chromium-chillers, to produce cold at temperature levels up to 243 K. Despite this, their use is constrained by relatively low efficiency. It is proposed to increase the efficiency of AWRM ηe to introduce a vapor compressor refrigerating machine (VCM) with low cooling capacity in their scheme. VCM is advisable for this purpose to be used for subcooling liquid ammonia as a coolant AWRM. Studies of the complex AWRM + VCM showed that supercooling liquid ammonia before its throttling increases not only ηe, but also the cooling capacity. For example, in a complex that includes AWRM with a cooling capacity of 500 kW at 258 K and a relatively small VCM, the expert efficiency and the total cooling capacity with pre-cooling to 261 K increase by 11.8% and 18.7%, respectively. The results obtained allow to increase the interest in such complexes.