17-year anniversary of the journal Industrial Gases

Everything about low-temperature industrial gases and products of air separation – in one journal!

Founder and publisher – LLC «Institute of low temperature energy technology»


  • Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies;
  • East European Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers SIGMA


  • Start of the journal publication – 2001
  • The journal re-registration in the State Registration Service of Ukraine – certificate number КВ 19455-9255 ПР on 16.11.2012
  • Since 2005, it is an official publication of the State Commission for Academic Degrees of Ukraine.
  • Publication frequency -6 issues per year.
  • Volume of each issue – 72 pages.
  • Published articles are reviewed in various journals and databases of the All Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Academy of Sciences of Russia ( Moscow)


  • RSCI (Russian science citation index);
  • Electronic Journals Library ;
  • Google Scholar


The journal is the only publication in the world which publishes the most advanced scientific and technical information for professionals engaged in the production and use of low-temperature industrial gases (helium, hydrogen, neon, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon monoxide, methane, natural gas, ethane, dioxide carbon, propane, ammonia, and other saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, refrigerants) as well as in the development and operation of the equipment for their production, development and practical application of technologies for purification, liquefaction, storage and transportation. Global industry of low-temperature industrial gases as spheres for implementation of our innovative and energy-efficient designs and our daily activities includes such well-known and already established branches as oxygen and cryogenic, refrigeration, carbon dioxide, gas, chemical and power engineering.

It is important for all journal readers that it helps to eliminate existing contradictions between the manufacture of industry equipment and its wide cross-industry use. Thus, the journal “Industrial Gases” serves as a link between equipment manufacturers, those who operate it, and those involved in the gas business.

The journal is oriented at the engineering, scientific and technical staff, graduate and undergraduate students.

Information published in the journal Industrial Gases will contribute to the production of more advanced equipment or use of innovative technologies related to low-temperature industrial gases in your company. Therefore, your company will undoubtedly demonstrate a higher business performance.


As for thematic attractiveness of articles selected for publication, the editorial board will give preference to articles concerned with the following issues:

  • Improvement of the efficiency and safety of air separation products manufacture; use of modern technologies; implementation of on-site-projects in the development of new industries; provision of technical gases and liquid cryogenic products to different consumers in terms of outsourcing;
  • improvement of the technical and technological provision of natural gas as an efficient source of energy;
  • extraction of carbon dioxide from various technological streams for its liquefaction or utilization; improvement of processes with carbon dioxide in modern production technologies of ammonia, carbamide, methanol, etc.; creation of large energy generating facilities with complete CO2 capture.


  • Problems of worldwide industry of low-temperature industrial gases.
  • Processes, cycles, schemes and equipment of refrigeration and cryogenic systems.
  • Plants and equipment for the production of air separation products, compressed and liquefied natural gas; carbon dioxide and others industrial gases.
  • Industrial gases in present day technologies.
  • Thermophysical properties of gases and their mixtures. Thermodynamic analysis of processes in low-temperature systems.
  • Business economics, conservation of energy, safety.
  • Practice and innovations.


1) Journal Industrial Gases the only scientific and technical periodical in the world covering results of research and development of advanced production technologies and use of low-temperature industrial gases.

2) Journal Industrial Gases is a source of up-to-date information for many specialists working in cryogenic, oxygen, compressor, refrigeration, carbon dioxide, chemical and power engineering, as well as in metallurgy, gas industry and large scale manufacturing plants of fertilizers.

3) Journal Industrial Gases is in the top 100 periodicals, according to Google Scholar и Electronic Journals Library.

4 Journal Industrial Gases is a specialized publication of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles in Ukraine, which is currently State Academic Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. This is fully used by numerous candidates for a degree who publish results of their research on the subject of their master’s and doctoral theses in the journal.

5 Journal Industrial Gases has an editorial board, consisting of the most influential scientists of Ukraine. The editorial board is constantly focused on improving the quality of published articles, attracting highly qualified specialists to cooperation. An international advisory board, which includes internationally renowned scientists, gives methodological and information assistance to the editorial board of the journal.

6 Journal Industrial Gases is widely represented in the international scientometrical base Electronic Journals Library, where it has a high two- and five-year impact factors, as well as a high rating in “Science Index.”

7 Journal Industrial Gases publishes reports of leading experts at annual international seminars on the problems of the production and use of low-temperature industrial gases conducted by the East European Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers SIGMA.

8 Journal Industrial Gases put metadata of the articles published in all editions of the journal since 2001 in the scientometrical base Electronic Journals Library. After publication of each issue, metadata for the upcoming articles are sent to the base. Processing this information provides a high Hirsch citation index to the authors of articles, closely cooperating with the journal editorial board.

9) Journal Industrial Gases, for over 10 years, has maintained links with a large information center – All Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information. Abstracts of articles from the journal Industrial Gases are regularly published in numerous abstract journals and databases of the center, thereby providing professionals with up- to- date scientific and technical information.

10) Journal Industrial Gases has set and maintains its own site on the international publishing platform Open Journal Systems (OJS). With the OJS software package, the editorial board of the journal provides web-based support in all aspects of the creation and use of the journal.

11) Journal Industrial Gases, being a high-level publication, after obtaining a license of the international agency CrossRef, assigns individual DOIs ( Digital Object Indentifier) i.e. article ID as intellectual property to published articles.

12) Journal Industrial Gases promotes increase of the international ranking of experts who publish scientific and technical articles in it. To this end, the journal places information about the authors of articles in the international registry of scientists ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID).